Tourism in Germany

Germany is made up of many cities which offer something for everyone whether it be the desire for culture, history, religion or modernity.
Germany offers outstanding natural landscapes such as the Baltic and North Sea coasts, the Alps and well known rivers e.g. the Rhine and the Danube, and many more besides. As roughly 30% of Germans spend their holiday in Germany, it has much to offer by way of holiday/recreation parks and other attractions.

تنظيم رحلات سياحية وترفيهية

Thanks to an excellent public transport network with buses, trams and trains it is possible to travel easily and comfortably both locally and throughout Germany and beyond.
There are many hotels, guest houses and holiday flats to choose from.
Germany is not only popular in the summer as a tourist destination but also in winter due to its many winter sports resorts located in various mountainous regions.

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