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Welcome to a-m-t Medicare for patient support and medical advice

Our company offers a variety of services to Arab patients and their relatives.
Our personnel always endeavour to provide professional concepts tailored to the needs of the individual patient. For this reason we can guarantee a successful and pleasant stay.

خدمات طبيَة, برامج و أطباء
  • We inform and advise you of possible medical services.
  • We inform you of the treatment costs/estimated costs.
  • We find suitable specialists for your treatment.
  • Our translators accompany you to all meetings and treatments and you will be advised in Arabic.
  • We also arrange your appointments.
  • We organize specialized medical transport.
  • Depending on the patient’s needs transport can be provided both with or without trained nursing support.
  • For those who prefer to fly, we also offer the services of a number of private airlines with whom we cooperate.

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible service in order to facilitate a pleasant and comfortable stay during treatment. Our service therefore includes the procurement of accommodation which is furnished to a high standard.
The furnished flats suit a variety of needs; we have accommodation for singles and can also accommodate large families. The furnished flats are either on the ground floor or accessible by lift for those clients with physical challenges.
The accommodation is central so that it is possible to travel to the medical facility and to the town centre by foot or with public transport.The rooms are equipped with free internet (WLAN) and also satellite television so that you can continue to watch your favourite programmes as though you were still in your home country.

We can also organize hotel accommodation close to the hospital.

In order to reach all facilities in comfort we also offer a pick-up service. Furthermore we can organize new hire-cars, these are of course German brands.

خدمات طبيَة, برامج و أطباء

Our company is based in Krefeld which is in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). The capital of NRW is Düsseldorf and is only a 15-minute drive from Krefeld.
Krefeld and Düsseldorf both lie on the most well known River in Germany, the Rhine. It is possible to go on a boat trip along the Rhine, this is a very popular tourist attraction and a good way to visit the cities of Bonn and Cologne. There is a lot of scope for extensive shopping tours in the area and the chance to visit world famous tourist attractions such as the Cathedral in Cologne (Kölner Dom), museums and large parks.

North Rhine Westphalia borders the neigbouring European countries of Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands which offer an abundance of leisure opportunities. Especially worth mentioning here is the retail outlet centre for designer clothing in Roermond in the Netherlands which is just 25 minutes drive from Krefeld.

We also offer weekend outings for example to the Netherlands complete with driver and interpreter if needed.
Your satisfaction is our goal.

  • Visa application, provision of invitation letters.
  • Qualified translation in various languages by both male and female interpreters/translators.
  • Support in case of religious and cultural barriers.
  • Access to fax and computer.
  • Translation of doctors’ reports, results and other medical documentation.
  • The purchase of medication which we can also send to the patient even once he/she has returned home.
  • Appointment with a dietician if requested.
  • The choice of plastic surgeon (cosmetic surgery).
  • The choice of an appropriate rehabilitation clinic.

We also arrange appointments with medical staff on behalf of the patient in advance of his/her arrival in Germany. Appointments are made on the basis of the medical documents we are provided with. Once treatment has begun we monitor the patient’s progress and help with collection of documentation and information from the various healthcare providers visited during the patient’s stay.

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